Macrocosm "Second Voyage"

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When this album was released I felt that I didn't need to hear the soundsample at Hypersound's website before I bought the album, as these musicians have only been released good music on their previous albums. My expectation of this album was quite high, and when I saw the impressive album cover my expectation went even higher...

The combination of Anders' powerful and punchy style and Marco's quick and technical material is working really good also on this album, and it feels like their different styles fit better together on this album than the previous one. All songs have the same magic mood, and this time the album doesn't include any happy songs (which I appreciate).

This album is produced in a better way than their previous album, and it is not missing anything concerning the sound quality. The songs includes a good variation of different sounds/voices, and the songs includes lots of details that makes it interesting to listen to the songs over and over again. The album also includes a couple of songs with vocoder stuff, but the vocoder material are shorter and the melodies that they are build upon aren't as good as on the previous album.

Compared to their previous album it feels like they have grown as musicians and tried to stretch the limits of their music a bit. They just don't sound like some Laserdance copycat, instead they have come up with songs that for example includes completly different basslines compared to the traditionally 16-beat bass, a couple of songs have a lower tempo than the classical 125 bpm etc. All songs still have the atmospheric feeling and a rythmic drumsequence, so I'm sure that all people that liked their previous album will definitly like this one.

You may wonder if this album is absolutely perfect as the review has only pointed out the positive sides so far. Well, it depends upon who you ask, as I'm sure that most people will completely love this album. Personally I think that the album are missing some long and strong melodies that makes a big impression, as many of the melodies are quite short and in some places they feels too predictable. Of course the melodies are good (there is no question about it), but as we have heard before what these musicians can do I'm sure that they have the talent to come up with longer and stronger melodies than this. Songs like Galactic Fighters and Beyond The Macrocosm includes some very good melodies that make you remember them after you've listen to them.

The structure of the songs are better on this album compared to their previous one, and the songs feels more unpredictable than before (the songs on the previous album consisted
of a couple of melodies that were repeated over and over again, in the same way as many of the old Laserdance songs were structured).

To summarize this album, I think this duo has given us a impressive album that will satisfy all their fans and hopefully they will get even more fans because of this album. The album feels fresh and includes some songs that are made in a different style than they have been playing before.

I hope that they never will release an album called "The Final Mission", as I hope that they will continue forever and forever.

*****  Recommended!

5 / 5


2005-07-31 15:53:02