Cat's Disco Lab "The Album"

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Review by Klajunas

"Cat's" play in Koto style. What can say more? Is that I'm not very happy in this CD. Main reason is that he plays too similar melody. All tunes sound same, same rhythm afther some listening it’s getting boring. I'm missing variety.

There are some good tunes such "Space Cat's Attack", "Russian Theme", "Cyber Laboratorium".

Good synth parts. Strong KOTO influence. If u likes “KOTO” music u will like this album. But for spacesynth music lover this album can be boring… missing more sound action, more life energy.


2 / 5


Review by RamaChandran

Let me start by saying that this album is one of the best sounds of spacesynth I have ever heard in my life.

1. Space Cat’s Attack - Starts off with a castanet tapping sound, then the 80’s drum beat kicks in then that 80’s bassline that we so love. The chorus is also awesome with the trumpet type sound, but its different than laserdance. Also the snare drums has a lot of koto ‘s visitors influence, along with battlestar galactica style vocoder voices. Very cool!

2. Cat’s Planet – Starts off with a 80’s bassline, then the kick drums kick in, with the koto snare drums, then the melody kicks in, I like the way he uses low notes at the beginning, then works his way up to higher notes along the chorus with the same synth patch.

3. digital world – much slower than the earlier 2 tracks, with castanet sounds, and 80’s kick drums with koto like snares again. Here the modern talking influence can be heard how the synth sounds variate between 2 notes, just like in joy’s touch by touch or modern talking youre my heart youre my soul. Has a very insistent and slow drum beat pattern, and a sarcastic but playful atmosphere to it.

4. Cat’s thinking – Starts with a bassline, and a low key melody, then the 80’s drum kicks in, with lots of 80’s style disco carribean rythms, with jabdah like castanet sounds, and laserdance type clacking handclaps. I love this one too.

5. Silicon fish for silicon cat – Starts with a castanet sound, the the rolling hi hat , then the 80’s drum beat, an an alternating on / off bassline, with lots of clacking handclaps. Love this one too.

6. Mechanical Cat’s Game – Similar to all the earlier tracks, but very playful, love this one too.

7. Devourer of flowers – A little different at the beginning , with a slightly different castanet sound, and even slower kick drums and hi hat. He uses higher notes for the chorus here, by far the most playful track. And also has the strongest touch by touch sound. My favorite track on this disc, this tune rings in my head for days.

8. Russian theme – Somewhat faster than the earlier tracks, also has that touch by touch sound. Does not disappoint.

9. Escape From Time – Again starts with a koto type castanet, and is somewhat fast.another great track.

10. Cyber labarotorium – Probably the fastest, and starts differently than the rest, and has lots of cylon vocoder voices. I love it.

My overall impression of this album is maxim mironov uses mostly the same sounds throughout the whole album, but somehow I am not bored. Its like how basically all the tracks are the same tunes, but arranmged differently. Its too bad some listeners say that this album is not a step forward, but this does not bother me, to me this is how space synth should sound like, as true to its 80’s roots. The sounds are extremely clear and crisps, you can hear every single sound without it being somewhat “noisy” like some other artists, for example protonic storm. Throughout the whole album also the sound is very playful and happy. I would give this a 5/5. there are no weak tracks.


5 / 5