Daylight "Light Years Away"

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Review by Klajunas

This is nice album and sound differently then usual „Daylights” albums, big progress. U can hear some LD style melodies. But I’d say it’s more some space-relax music. No “action” sound and heart beating drums. Everything is very slow and smooth:

Digital power control – very nice tune, calm, but a little bit repetitive, and someday can be boring. And vocals. They nice, but can be more „robotic” or made someway in better style, not just usual human voice. Because it sound monotonically too.

Galaxy War – sound very smooth. To smooth for such tune name. But melody nice, sound very close to LD (to first two CD’s) style. And I like part from 3.45 it‘s so relaxing. But as I said, for such tune name, I hope to find some „action“

A Melody a Day – another smooth, rhythmic tune. With awful vocals. Melody sound nice, parts from 0.10 and “rest“ very good, but sound to quiet!??? And yes, vocals they... not fit here.

Space Attack – one of the best tune. Melody is wonderful. Everything here, and rhythm, and composition, and even heart beating sound is on best made. Why? Because sound faster, no slow tempo.

Light Years Away – stranger feeling take me then I listening to this tune. It remained me some LD tune, but can't remember what. Composition nice, but is one „but” vocal – it‘s horrible, awful, and „sh..“. What he thinking about then made such „idiotic” sound? It‘s ruin all tune. But the rest is nice. I can say it‘s another best tune of this CD if u don‘t hear that „vocals“

Element – this tune is something unreal. Melody and synth parts... jep it’s top tune. Some ambient and space mix in LD style. Nothing more just listen and dream.

Step Back in Time – one more low tempo song. With some „strange” vocal, but this time it‘s not so horrible like in early tunes. In this tune synth composition sound nice. I would say some space relax music composition.

Sad Song – yes, it’s sad and smooth. Nice… and nothing unusual. Can’t say something very bad, or very good. Just another song. It well fit then u what to be alone.

Planet of Time – well, interesting tune. It’s sound differently then rest tunes of this CD. Melody change it rhythm some times and that is good. Vocal, hm, u can say only two things - awful or funny. I’d say they sound “funny” (then first time hear it, I thought that someone is vomit ), but not ruin all tune.

Space Jumper – wonderful tune. Good melody and even vocals was made okay. Again strong fellness of LD style. Good fast rhythm and leading synth parts. Big minus – it’s to short.

Polyspace – well the last track. Sometimes it remained some mix of “Daylight”, “Cyber people” and “LD – Technological Mind”. It has some good synth parts, but again to calm and repetitive. Nice track.

Well in conclusion this is, no doubt, one of the best "Daylight" album. It has some LD style, but I'd said this CD is more space relax music. Most tunes are made in slow tempo. Sometimes missing some faster rhythm, or faster parts. Heard beating drums. Ok. This album was made in smooth style.

And vocals, in some tracks they horrible, maybe for someone they good, but not for me. And, ok, it's just matter of taste. And melodies are to repetitive, but it’s not big problem.

Well finally.


4 / 5