Fellin "Space Journey"

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Review by Adi

After listening to "Space Journey", my imagination helped me to see a ten year-old boy, his curly hair, cheap keyboard and PC with Cool Edit. Sorry for being malicious, but Fellin's album is a perfect example of semi-product, which absolutely can not be spreaded in any way. But composer (too big word for him, anyway) was honored by Humphrey Robertson, who mercifully released that cheesy stuff as an official Hypersound CD.

Most of tracks sounds like home-after hours practising of a man, who listened to a few synthdance landmarks and imagined, that he can do it by himself as well. Right? Wrong! The result is a collection of a poorly arranged, hopeless tunes, made out of simpliest, hundreds times heard spacesynth ideas. Forget details such building atmosphere, looking for a new ways of expression, or simple copying synthmasters' best works. "Space Journey" (what a original album's name!) stands on flat basslines, cheap drums and one-fingered solos. Listening to this album from beginning to an end, requires almost impossible amount of patience. Fellin named his cheesy works with pathethicly strong and powerful titles, straight from a Jouni's and Chris' Spacedance Title Generator. But the titles do not make music attractive.

Among that hopelessness, I've found a few a little less goofy tunes. No, no - they are not good by itselves (forget about it). "Italoheaven" and "Space Journey" catched by attention, because I remember, that many years ago Vince Clarke raised his name on such stuff (first Depeche Mode LP, Yazoo, Erasure), although I don't suppose, that Fellin intentionally brought back Clarke's style. "Nova" could be efficient synth tune, but Fellin's arrange unability, buried it down.

More forgiving person could named Fellin's style as - I dont't know - maybe a sort of minimal-space or child-synth. For me it's a one of the worsts synthdance albums ever, which layed with dark shadow on genre's heritage. Warning! Don't buy it - waste of time, money and your ears.


0 / 5


Review by Klajunas

1. Sad Eyes – nice intro part and sounds effects. This tune one of most spaces in this album.

2. Vivre Sur Space – I liked strong synth parts. One minus it’s to much repetitive.

3. Italoheaven – strong side is melody. Very nice tune. Good drums and synth parts.

4. Twisted Spacestorm – a little bit boring tune. All time sound same parts. I liked only middle part it was nice. But for so short tune - boring.

5. Black Hole – nice synth… but sound very weak. Repetitive.

6. Space Journey – nice melody. One of the best tune. But again something missing some more different sounds. End part with shooting sound effect good.

7. Sweet Connection – repetitive with some not bad elements. But why it’s so short? Maybe better would be if that tune was mixed in some another tune?

8. The Knight – nice electronic tune. No space feeling.

9. Hi-Energy – again electronic tune. Nice but everything was heard before…

10. Nova – that a nice track. Fast energetic with space feelings… good tune.

11. Pink Beam – intro chip. But another part sound good. Only minus very silent and muted.

12. Italoheaven (Minimal Mix) – that’s good tune too. I think this is only tune in which u can hear lot of melody variation. Not only same rhythm again and again.

13. Space Journey (Hard Bass Mix) – this tune got notice “hard bass”… but for me it sound weaker than original track. Again melody very good. But it sound very chip.

Ok. We got new artist “Fellin”. One more “Viking”. This album is something between italo and spacesynth. I think in future he will be very good artists. Because he got on powerful element – melody composing. In most his tracks u can hear very strong compositions and good ideas.

But. Where’s always is one damn “but”. He won’t be if he will use such poor instrumental equipment. Most tunes sound very muted, like in box. And in most tracks u can hear same synth sound. I even think that almost all tunes were made by using one synthesizer. That why, every time, u can hear same sound effects and elements. And that's why, maybe, he want, but can’t use space feelings in his tunes.

One more minus is too much tracks in this album. Some of them very short and playing some parts on 3 or 4 minutes. So after some more listteing it getting boring. I think better idea woud be make less but more varied tracks.


3 / 5