Galaxy Hunter "Sleeping Child"

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Review by Staffan Öhman

This album continous with the same style as on the previous album We Came From Space with the exception that this album feels more well-made.

The songs sounds magnificent and professional with high atmospherical strings and punchy drums. From a listener point of view it feels like most of the songs are using the same synth patches even though the musician behind this album has a different opinion. Many of the sounds are trance influenced with, for example, detuned leads and chords that have been processed with lots of reverb effects.

The booklet includes printed lyrics for all songs and I think that the lyrics are well written and works good in most of the songs. The lyrics for most of the songs include the space theme with a few exceptions, like the song Thy Kingdom Come that has a more christian text.

The songs on this album have more variation than on the previous album and now it is no problem to listen to the whole album without taking a break. It feels like the musician behind this album has spent more time on composing melodies, creating the refrain, etc than before and the final result feels more variated and is more interesting to listen to.

One thing that I don't like on this album is the talking male speech that reminds me of the musician Günther. Unfortunally this talking speech can be heard in every song and personally I think that the talking speech sounds quite the same in most of the songs. It is much easier to get variation in the verse if the vocals are sung with a melody.

My advice to Galaxy Hunter is to let the female singer(s) sing also on the verse on the next album. That would be a real killer that would climb well on the charts.

The vocals on the refrains are catchy and easy to remember. Really great. My favorite songs are Eyes On Mars and Silver Moon which I can't hear enough of.


4 / 5