Jan Schipper "Return to Tomorrow"

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Review by Klajunas

After long silence period Hypersound decided to please us with new Album. This time we got Jan Schipper Return to Tomorrow.

Album contains 12 classical spacesynth songs. I even say too much "classical". And this similarity got some negative elements. Most album songs sound same, missing some individuality, creativeness. Everything sounds too much same: same drums, most same synths parts (they sound too smooth, too sweet), same composition ideas (exception may be "In Cyber Space").

So maybe all album bad or average? No. there is some exception: such songs like both "In Cyber Space", "Romantic Star" sound nice and their "sweet" melodies fit very well. Most songs got very nice and superb middle intros.

But all of most to my taste album is too much "sweet". I am missing a little bit more hard soundness, energy (that energy I found only in the last song. WHY only LAST???). This is too melancholic, too disco dish.


3 / 5