Jan Schipper "Spiral Galaxy"

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Review by Krzysztof Radomski

I haven't heard Jan's first album, so there will be no comparisons to it. Well, the review won't be long because of one simple reason: I don't find reviewing every song or some specific one as reasonable thing to do.

To be honest, I was kinda bored while listening to this album, because all tracks sound pretty the same. Most of the songs use the same palette of sounds, melodies are far from catchy, none of them really stuck in my head. Don't get me wrong though - they are not bad, but they are not good either. Just average. Finding a strong, catchy melody line is a hard thing to master, and Jan must work more on this one. I can't find anything else to pick on, because mixing is pretty nice, arrangements are correct, but those damn melodies, as the most important component of spacesynth music, lack. Lack of catchiness.

I'd also prefer if there was one or two slower songs, that would make some change on the track flow. Unfortunately, all songs are dynamic, and sounding pretty the same makes me say they lack of image, mood. It's just a bunch of several songs compiled for an album that doesn't actually create any vision of space/cosmic/underwater-or-whatever travel in listener's mind.

Jan's technic is good and professional, but he must work with melodies, work hard.


3 / 5