Laserdance "Strikes Back"

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Review by Klajunas

Laserdance come back. That wanted to say Julius Wijnmalen and Erik van Vliet then after long waiting released new Laserdance album „Strikes Back“. Hell, then I saw it, I was very happy. Real Laserdance back, but it was only half old team. Nevertheless this album was not so popular us old time albums, but for me it really nice album. With fresh sound after disappointing last album „Guardian of Forever“

This album got 12 song, whish sound nice, new and fresh.

The Lost Battle – very melodic, not fast spacey song. It star fast in with fast intro and then slowly come to same really nice so called classic part in wish nice piano. It’s more romantic song.

No Escape – nice leading synth parts and robotic vocals. It’s again fast tempo song, but this time not so “sweet” like first albums song. And again got very melodic middle part.

Reconnaissance Expedition – intro part sounded wonderful. Sound us old good Laserdance. Just listen part from 0.30, good amazing part. Just want listen again and again. One of the best song in album.

Voyage of Discover – this time intro part sound not so impressive. Some how chaotic. It last until 0.45. Then u head most powerful part of this song. Yeah, this part got some powerful influence. But this is only good part in this song. Rest sound somehow detuned. Some parts not fit to each another. Pity it may be good song.

War Between the Stars – it some far remix to Star Wars motive. And must say not very well. It chaotic, detuned, sounds average. Idea maybe good, but melody very cheap.

The Experiment – got goods vocals and again synth parts very strong. Made in heavy style. Not so fast, but ad the same time not slow. Very varied composition and melodic. Not bad song.

Fly Over the New Territory – I don’t liked intro. For me it sounds cheap. It sounds heavy, but heavy in good point. Very nice synth melody variation. But a little bit repetitive and some part sound very close to previous songs.

A Space Trip – again intro part was average. Song made to much heavy, soundness need a little but soft sound. It to much push u “down”. At all it’s average song. Nothing special.

Warriors Action in Unknown Territory – this time intro sound not bad. U must heard part from 0.50 sounds amazing. Just powerful part, leading synth good too. And again missing some sound softness. One more best album song.

A Content Creature – most different of all album song, sound in some “happy style”. Got some not bad ideas, but sorry not in my taste.

Unindentified Object in Japan – some average song with far asian motive. Got some parts but…

Party for the Home-Coming Warriors – not bad, song, fast tempo. But got main album problem, synth sound too much heavy. At all nice song.

At all this album sound better then some old Laserdance albums, it got some real nice songs, good ideas. And hell it’s Laserdance. Of course u can find some poor song, and sometimes minus. Main of them most synth here sound too much “heavy”. It needs more soft sound.


4 / 5