Macrocosm "First Mission"

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Review by Krzysztof Radomski (written in 2003)

First Mission is finally in my hands, so after few listenings I try to cook out some review.

1. Secret Universe by Marco - I was quite surprised when noticed it's not as LDish as I was expecting from Marco. Of course it's good, I'm not really into copying old "masters". Nice intro FX intro, and then cool piano part. Stabs and synthbrasses are maybe too hollow - carefully with notch filter, coz I fell like eating the sand:). Quite nice song, maybe a bit too much into pop. 7.5/10.

2. Magic Miles by Anders - quite melancholic and slow track, far from LD. Pretty cheap drum sequence, but some really great melodies, especially those synthchords - awesome! The problem is that it's strongly noised: first layer of noise at harmonic sounds, and second appears while drums enter. Anyway, the track gets 8/10.

3. Virtual Voltage by Marco - HOLY COW! Deja vu!!! Hmm, no, it's really "Macrocosm - First Mission"... Damn it, it sounds just like "Power Run" from "Future Generation", even double layered bassline is made the same way LD used to do... It's undouptly most LDish song I've ever heard. But melodies are great, very retrospective. I would give it 9/10, but one point goes away for copying LD: 8/10.

4. Silent Warriors by Marco - again quite LDish tune. Very nice vocoder singing, some awesome melodies, though melodic lines a bit too quiet. 8/10.

5. Cyber Space by Anders - sounds cheesy, sounds flat, sounds cheap. I really dislike it. 3/10 for courage :)

6. Lightyears to Go by Marco - from Pizza Hut to Huston: this song is just great. Kotobass (!), and pretty slow rhythm create very nice ambience. Do I hear an electric guitar in there? I like also those TR808 drums very much. Awesome vocoder singing. 8.5/10

7. First Mission by Anders and Marco - once again we fall into LD. The beginning and ending is made almost the same way as LD "Discovery Trip". Good melodies, but without any excesses. Point down for being LD-like: 7.5/10.

8. Keeper of the Secrets by Anders - some Fiend influences in here! I love these first melodic motives in it. But later comes in the flanged lead, heard so many times before in Anders' songs... And the song itself is very stifled. Where are the high frequencies? 7.5/10

9. Fields of Fire by Marco - LD again. Good melodies, "playability" is very similar to First Mission. Some bizzare pattern cuts inside. Point down for feeling like LD: 7.5/10

10. Zero Gravity by Anders - wow, how much I like those intro pads... And that distorted lead - It's just extraordinary. Voco singing make me thrill... Luckly this song is a long one. Actually I don't know what to add more. Nothing but 9/10.

11. Leaving the New World by Marco - usually, it should be an old world to be left, but... :) Nice outro, with some guitars (am I right?). Too short for giving a note.

12. I wish... ;)

Generally, the album is good... Who would expect different note, if it's made by Marco and Anders :) Its problem is that almost every song sounds different, what is the result of using different gears by different persons. It makes it sound a bit like compilation because of this, and also doesn't help considering it like a long, varieting voyage. In my opinion Anders' trax lack of high frequencies, while Marco's are overfilled with these, lacking low registers instead (but that's also make them sound like old LD, on the other hand). And about LD copying - i'm not kind of person who agrees with following LD so close, that's why I wish to hear more songs like "Lightyears to go" from Marco. If these LD-like songs were made by MvdK, I would give them one point more each, but they aren't, that's why I shorten every note. But I really wish that new album from Michel or Erik would be filled by trax like these, because they easly reach to the finest LD tunes.

The best song on the album is hard to point, becuase there is no song which would just shine in comparison to the others (like "Ordeal" on Anders' album). But I'll give a credit to "Zero Gravity".

Final note is 7.5/10, not that high mostly because of LD copying and "Cyber Space". But if I forget that there have existed a group called Laserdance, I would have give it 8.5/10.


4 / 5