Macrocosm "Second Voyage"

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Review by Peter D

First impression of Second Voyage is that the album is not as good as 1st Mission, the reason being that while 1st Mission had approximately 5 killer tracks, this one has 2 all the rest range from good to very good. Having said that, Marco and Anders have continued where they left off and produced a stunning album that does not disappoint.

1 Alien Invasion – Anders returns to his roots of Unknown Destination. The track is contradictory that it starts of very dark and menacing and then reverts into a happy track. But who cares when you have those wonderful melodies and typical lundqvuist sounds that we got to know in his first Album. A very good track.

2 Galactic Fighters - Marco at his finest. For me perhaps Marco’s best track of all time. Absolutely brilliant and a privilege to listen to such music. I just love those great array of different sound melodies blended together. Reminds me of classic laser dance fused with proxyon. Just when you thought you couldn’t hear anymore along comes another killer melody. Easy matches Laserdance’s finest. This is what spacesynth is all about. Marco you are a genius!

3 Maximum Power - This is a typical Rochowski track yet to me there’s something missing. To make it a great track it just lacks something to capture the imagination. The melodies are just not catchy enough as you would expect from Marco. There’s nothing there that stands out and as a result I would say this is average.

4 Out of the Ordinary - This track is Anders moving into a different sound away from Unknown Destination. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand it’s great that Anders is pursuing this direction but on the other hand not all the stuff produced, is not moving me. This track reminds me sort of the early 80’s synth scene ala Harold Faltermeyer. More suited for a movie, this song for me sounds more like it has a theme rather than conventional spacesynth. In addition even though the sounds were good I didn’t like the melodies.

5 Asian Adventurer - I heard this a year ago when it was a freebie so am probably a little over this track. My fault because I played this so many times. I remember when I first heard this, that this was another very good track by Marco. Has an oriental start but then reverts into smooth space synth. Nice melodies with enjoyable vocoder singing.

6 Morning in the Dark - the second killer track in the Album. Sweet lyrics (love that accent) complement the introduction. The other amazing thing about this song is the way Marco seems to build this song from initially a very soothing sound to a beautiful mid-tempo ballad. What more can I say, fantastic slow melodies fused with that renowned sound that we can expect from a Rochowski production. In one word spectacular.

7 Retro Generation This is another track that for me Anders is moving away from the conventional Unknown Destination sound. Another great tune and I like the very fitting vocoder sing. “…Retro Generation holding onto yesterday….” Makes me want to play Pac-man. To me this track shows that you don’t need the classic LD sound for something to be very good, again great melodies and sound.

8 Energetic Ride - All I’ll say about this is that this is a typical M. Rochowski track in the classic LD mode. A variety of sounds with pretty good melodies.

9 Japanese Revenge - A very interesting track this is. I like the sound of the Japanese speech. Also the melodies are quite beautiful, the only thing for me lacking is that the melody that starts at 0:32 sounds a bit thin, I would have like to have heard more back ground fill in rather than just koto bass, chord and melody sequence. Also perhaps an overlapping melody somewhere. But having said that its still pretty good.

10 Insomnian Satellite - Well even genius’s have flaws. This is one track that I don’t really like that much I don’t know whether it’s the flat notes or the melody. Furthermore I hate that vocoder singing on this (not good). And the two melodies that follow the vocoder singing are not appealing.

11 Beyond the Macrocosm - Interesting track this. For me this is not Spacesynth, but rather a film score. Personally I would have not called this beyond the Macrocosm, but then again maybe the meaning is that Anders can compose beyond spacesynth. I like the mood of this tune but I probably wouldn’t listen to this when I’m listening to spacesynth somehow it doesn’t fit. Still though Anders shows us that he can go outside the realm and produce something that is totally different yet very good.

Overall the 2nd Macrocosm album does not disappoint, the boys have continued where they left off. Macrocosm nowadays has set the benchmark for others to strive for and to me they are the leaders in the field.


4 / 5


Review by Klajunas

Two years ago was released first „Macrocosm“ album made by two very talent artist Anders Lundqvist and Marco Rochowski. That album was very successful, made in old good “Laserdance” style and of cause own style too.

This time we got second they album, and hope, not last. And I can say, that this time they made wonderful album too. Particularly, big progress made Anders. In first Macrocosm album Anders songs more or less was close to his “Unknown Destination” albums songs, and maybe that’s why I liked his music more Marco songs. In first album Marco made great job, such masterpiece like “Lightyears to Go” and “Leaving New World” are something unusual. But this time I heard Anders different style, “fresh” style. His find new way of making music for himself. Such song as “Out of the Ordinary” sound completely new, if we take his old songs.

Marco sound, as always, are close to tradisional Laserdance sound. But I miss something same like Leaving New World. Nevertheless his music is made in high rank. I recommend “Energetic Ride” and “Asian Adventurer”.

Most tracks made in fast and energetic tempo, but also can find two slow tempo songs “Morning in the Dark” – very relaxing and smooth tune with very sexy girl voices. And last album song “Beyond the Macrocosm” – calm, spacey tune with nice piano parts.


5 / 5