Protonic Storm "Epsilon"

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Review by Klajunas

In 2001 Spacesynth haven't much new talent artist. The future of this genre was dark. And then Hypersound released first album of polish Spacesynth talent which call himself as “Protonic Storm”. His first album was something unreal to fans of this music style. His style still is very unique: energetic, powerful, very melodic and most important, it was very spacey. It look likes traditional Laserdance but from another side it sound completely different. May say that he found that field of Spacesynth, which wasn’t completely filled by Laserdance

Album got 8 songs. Looks not much, but PS only artist in this genre who likes very long songs. All song last for 8 minutes, one 13 minutes.

Most songs like "Saturn Dawn", "Protonic Voices", "Exile Cry", "Epsilon Warriors" was made in fast tempo, energetic, powerful, very LD’s and his own style. U just want listen them again and again. They entrance u with very deep spacey felling.

Album go one slow ambient tune "The Persistence". One mix between ambient and fast tempo song called "Components of Time". It’s longest album song. Maybe a little bit to long.

I may write more good and wonderful words about this album, because it real masterpiece. But it got one little mistake. This mistake is called "Epsilon Warriors (2014 Remix)". I don’t know about what he thinked then put this song in album, I also don’t know what Krzysztof got in mind then he wrote this „2014 remix“, maybe he looked in future. But I think he just mixed a little bit dates and wanted to write 1914, because techno is the past and Spacesynth is the future.

Nevertheless if u want heard real new generation Spacesynth, buy this album it worth all moneys that u spend.


5 / 5