Protonic Storm "Inner Travelling"

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Review by Peter D

Protonic Stormís second Album Inner Travelling kicks off where he left off with Epsilon, only this is better and I think this Album shows more maturity. The Album features strong Jarresque influences as well as more traditional spacesynth blended but then churned out in Protonic Storms famous futuristic or genre evolving style. The Album is produced as one whole piece of music, the interludes act as the go betweens the various tracks. For me the interludes were a hit and miss affair, some were nice inter-connecting pieces while others were terrible like the sampled Epsilon Warriors with the door shutting. Production, mixing, mastering etc was very crisp and outstanding. The Album is fairly electronic in sound and certainly not for the faint hearted but Krizz never ceases to amaze us with his blend of ideas and sounds.

1 Prelude: To me this is not really space-synth but rather Krizz attempting to do Jarre. For me this track is a little too electronic and mundane it just seems to repeat itself a bit too much and after a while thereís only so much that the ears can take. More for the hard-core old school electronica fans

2 Dragon Plane: This is a typical Protonic Storm track, all the elements are there of his unique style interpreting old school space synth Koto bass, sweeping chords and various synth sounds

3 Orbitation: WOW Krizz at his best. This to me is what modern space-synth is about, beautiful array of synth sounds which are all mixed and blended together. I love how the song moves from the circular rhythm to those chord sequences and then to that melody which seems some how nostalgic yet modern. Perhaps 8 minutes is a little long I would have cut it at 6 min but who cares this is a fantastic track.

4 Prophecy: A sweeping ambient track. Not really in my taste this one, there just seemed to be something missing, maybe a decent melody. To me this felt more like a collection of sounds to a slow beat rather than a piece as a whole.

5 Eternal Explorer: One of my all time favorite space-synth tracks of all time. This is an outstanding track, a shear delight to listen to. I love the start from those bell sounds to that haunting echo which evokes a feeling of being in some dark forest etc. After the bell sounds are finished the tracks just kicks into one of the most amazing sequences that I have heard in space-synth, beautiful melodies and sounds what can I say absolute magic Krizz.

6 Sky Exceeders: Collaborative effort between Krizz and Jukke Lundqvist Another fantastic track, I love that rhythm at the start which carries followed by that synth. The bell type synth is very fitting. Great stuff. Perhaps like Orbitartion 8 min is a bit long I think there was a perfect spot to end it at the start of 6 min with that break in the melody.

7 Ion Gods: For a moment I thought I was listening to Oxygene Part 4 This is an interesting track because to me it sort of has three parts. The first being the Oxygene rhythm followed by chords and a modern sounding melody, The track then hits an interlude of rhythm followed by an increase in the tempo. The track seems to get a new lease of life. The chord sequence that follows this is great to listen to, but this to me is then ruined by a pointless melody that seems to be off key from that beautiful chord sequence. Overall still a fairly decent track with great ideas.

8 Neomelancholy: A nice slow ambient track. Has some of the most beautiful background string chords sequences. (10:10 to 10:40) I have heard. Has interesting variations in melodies some being quick, while others slow at times stunning. A beautiful song.

Overall Krizz has produced an amazing Album once again pushing the genre to its outer limits with his unique style. I would have preferred probably two more tracks rather than having 8 long tracks, I felt that most of the ideas had been explored by the 6 min mark and then these were simply being rehashed by a semi-tone higher . But still this doesnít change the fact that this to me is a landmark album in space synth, itís fresh, modern and certainly pushing the boundaries.

I can only hope Krizz will have a change of heart from his self imposed exile from production of Space-synth I think the genre is poorer for it. Please come back!


4 / 5