Space Project "The Return of Space Raiders"

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Review by Krizz

1. Ok, here comes the original version. Well - a lot of melodic motives is something recognisable in the first listen. The melodies vary in mood - some are melancholic (resembling "Star Dust" by A. Lundqvist), some are futuristic, but in general I have a feeling they don't work together as a continuous trip too well. If my count is not wrong, there are 9 different melodic motives (including two different vocoder motives) - perhaps this large amount of ideas should have been splitted to two different tracks that would offer different impressions. Nevertheless the tune is very well made, nothing to pick on. A lot of different sounds, sound effects, great mixing and clear mastering, no impression that something is missing while listening to it. Parts with sync lead belong to my favourite ones, and melody at 3:18 is just outstanding, I'd only like some stronger, sharp lead here.


The very first thing that hits my ears is that something is wrong how this track sound - it seems to me like the was some static flange effect applied on the output, and that makes the track sound muffled comparing to the others. Apart from it, it's a correctly made remix. I really like the part including bell sounds and universe pads at 1:09 - Lovely :)


mindXpander sound. Do I need to say more? The remix is made in very typical midXpanderish way. We do have some HUGE chords stabs, arpeggios, stompy kick, perhaps only melodies do not belong to mX style - well... it's a remix, not an original mX track :)


Quite not sure what to comment here. Everyone knows Marco's sound, and this one in no different. IMO motif played at 2:12 sounds better than the original, which utilises some pretty annoying sounds to my ears at this part :P


Ahhhh... what's that?? Arpeggio! I love arpeggios, especially made this well. I won't hide this is my fave remix. Why? It's not only a remix - IT'S AN OWN INTERPRETATION, and that's how a remix should be done. Not only it contais genuine melodic motives, but also sounds used in it are original and fresh. I can feel a bit of mod scene influences in the part at 03:06. Great mixing, and in the end a lovely track!


Pretty unusual way this remix was done, at least when it comes to Anders. I can't remember when it was the last time Anders used techno beat and techno hihats in spacesynth track. I think this track is a proper mix, no surprises actually... well, its predecessor has risen the bar :D Ok, ok, sync lead played at 06:24 is awesome, I admit.


The title says it all. I't s a dance track, no spacesynth here. Well, no chance to conquer the dancefloors at contemporary clubs, but it's a nice, dance version of original.


What could be expected on a spacesynth maxi single as the last track? A slower track. And that's what we do have here. There is some guitars, cheesy, autotuned vocals, delicate piano plucking, cool sync-lead sequences. Strong side of this one is that it's server as a different interpretation than the original, just like the Dreamtime's remix... Nice!

I really like the physical form of this release: digipack is way more elegant and tasteful than plastic boxes. Althrough I consider spaceships on the cover art too obsolete for modern times, this one, made by Alexander Preuss, is really good. The choice of colors and fonts looks futuristic, back cover and inlay is simple, but that's how I like it. I'm not sure why Tomasz Gillert is printed as Thomas Gillert - AFAIK he still is citizen of Poland :)

As a resume, there are no bad tracks on this CD, but it's hard to evaluate a CD that contais remixes of a one tune only. The best remix to me would be definitelly Dreamtime's.