Spaceraider "Journey into Space"

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Review by Klajunas

What do I find in CD... an interesting music making style. I wouldn't call it real spacesynth because here u can find some variation between spacesynth; Jarre music and some music wich fit well to PC games. But finally I decided call it: interpretation of spacesynth. U can call how spacesynth would sound in various styles.

What are strong side of this album? Synth sound, it's strong, powerfull... and i like it... some real LD sound... vocals, i think they are from some games or NASA... and vocals in megamix super. What else, variation of melody, where are some lack... but of good point. I like that SR didn't play all CD same style of songs (but he got some problem with that too). Some his tune change melodies several times. One of the superb song is "Immortality" - God it's somethink unreal.

Now weak side: as i notice as good point... is in weak too... missing of melody variation. First 7 songs sound too much the same, and they are in tradisional LD style, some mix of LD "Hypermagic" and "Fire on Earth". And sometimes I'm missing sound softness. SR playing in a little bit hard style. And a little bit soundness mess, of the frequent melody changing. In some tune it fit well, but it same too much... and that's all.

The rest 5 i can describe as Jarre and (maybe) PC games music puted in spacesynth cover... and that is very interesting to hear.

Ok now each tune:

To Live in Fear - strongest synth parts in whole album a la Laserdance "Power Run", but got one small minus to repetitive.

Journey into Space - nice intro... leading synth... it very close to Hypermagic played style.

Laser Fields - well, it was in free music section... so it changed only a little bit.

Lightforce - I'm not very much in intro synth part... sound to much hard. But part from 0.30 was very good, and again as I mentioned before some repetitiveness of melody which was already played.

So Far Away... - traditional LD style. what I liked in this tune (can't describe good) some far sound of space, spread, which repeats time to time.

Astral Visions - vocals, it remaind one of LD tune but can't remember which. Very good synths parts.

Flying Home - another LD'ish tune with little lack of melody variation.

Interpolation - aha something more interesting. This tune is in some Jarre style, intro part very good. Composition very powerfull. One of the best tune is album.

Universe - intro not very shocking but afther it coming part sound nice. Again very powerfull synth parts. Spacey melody but maybe it sound better in a little bit soft style.

Voyager - this tune sound very differently then the rest, said trully it remain "Unreal" PC game soundtrack, and it's fantastic because I'm very much liked that game music. Melody not fast and it's good too. Smooth music, good composition, not tradicional spacesynth. U like it, I promise.

Immortality - and this is super tune in whole album, I guarantee. Everything in this tune is good. It's sound with some far classic+relax+very spacey music style. Slow strong tune, u even can hear something like violin here. Amazing, wonderfull tune - and i like that it longest track in CD.

Spaceraider's Megamix - well, it's just combination of various tune. But as I notice, based most of first 6-7 tracks. I liked vocals, nice job.


4 / 5