Various Artists "Synthesizer Dance Volume 6"

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Review by Klajunas

1. Tom Lacy - Rescue the Galaxy Nice intro. It remain me one tune from LD. Part 2.15 sound amazing. Well, this tune is really one of the best in all album. And we must hope, that this new artist soon release whole album.

2. Haggeman - Trip to Needlehawk I’ve heard some his tune before. He’s making really nice tracks and specially vocals. And this time vocals were super.

3. Marco Rochowski - Discohunter 1987 Jep new super duper a la LD track from Marco… this is one of the longest track in album. But Marco, why so monotonous? After couple listening it’s starting a little bit boring.

4. Paralyze - Superfluid Well “stranger” tune. It got nice melody, and we may say that is good dance style tune. But main problem is that it very similar to rest this artist songs which we can find in “Synthesizer dance” 4 or 5. Same melody with little changings.

5. Dreamtime - Intruders Finally we heard first Lauri track in album. Nice tune. But I’m missing your long and smooth intros.

6. Johan Lindgren - Robots One more new artist. His style sometimes remains Marco style. And of course old good LD. Nice tune Johan.

7. Marco Rochowski - Through the Starry Night One more tune from Marco. These time it sound better then first. Not so monotonic, with more energy and maybe good mood.

8. Stefan Bieri - Procreate Spacecraft I don’t like this tune. Don’t like as spacesynth. Because it’s more electronic with some far spacesynth influence, but no more. This track long and as spacesynth boring.

9. Paralyze - Cosmic Rays Well one more tune from Paralyze. This time it sounds better. I like vocals, they really nice. But again can feel some similarities with oldies tracks. He needs more varieties in his tunes.

10. Daylight - Tribal Mission Tune from Daylight. Nothing special. A little bit repetitive.

11. Marvin Wilson - Strangers I like this intro. It’s super. This guy has good taste. This is slow and maybe has some relax-spacesynth influence tune. Maybe from one side this tune sound repetitive, but from another side it sound differently then most of this album. So why this tune can be unique.

12. mindXpander - Chasing Comets Old good Mindxpander. As always super duper melody. Fast and energetic. I even can see Chasing Comets…

13. Daylight - Spacerunning This time Daylight does his best. Tune really sounds nice. Slow and melodic, piano parts wonderful and spacey… it’s really nice to hear spacey tune from Daylight, not dance as sometimes he likes.

Ok. Really nice to hear that this genre got new artist, which may compose nice tunes. And I expecting to get more infos about them. This album is really nice. But it has some lack. Some artists as I see had inspiration problem... Well maybe next time they try do best.


4 / 5