Vocoderion "Biomechanical Structure"

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Review by Klajunas

Vocoderion – First woman in Spacesynth which released own album. “Biomechanical structure” as Axisrecord (now Alpha Centauri) promised it must be first so called “dark” Spacesynth album. Well, can agree, the mood of this album is really made in dark colors. But sometime for me it sound more relaxed.

Ok, main question for all Spacesynth fans: is this album worth it moneys? I can answer: 100% yes. It’s really well made album. Which sound differently then most thins genre music. Melodies, sound effects, vocoders everything made really wonderful.

Biomechanical structure got 14 songs:

1. Blindman – intro in albums. What I really like, in this album it’s intro. Very strong side of the album. Composition very smooth, melodic. Just one minus: speech in this intro. It very hard to understand about what is talking in it.

2. Long Way to… – This is most slow and relaxed tune in album. Made in close up to Vangelis style (Oceanic). I like many sound effects, wind sound, crying voices. Smooth soundness. Just sit and relax.

3. Alone in Space – interesting idea of this song, that it’s continuing from “Long way to…” it beginning from that song ending. Again Vocoderion using many various sound effects, like water sound, well made vocoders. Song, step by step getting louder and faster, synth parts sounds wonderful. Filling got some real mystery. May notice only one thing, from 4:30 sounding synth. They not very much in my taste, but at all are ok.

4. Starship Invasion – this tune most sound close to traditional Spacesynth style. Fast tempo, energetic. But with mutter sound, which give it some “darkness”.

5. Biomechanical Structure – Well, representative song of Vocoderion. Her first tune which we hear. And even know u can find “free” version of it. Nice, melodic not very fast but not and slow. Made in muted “dark” style. Again can hear much nice sound effects, far vocoders. What I much liked, its synth sound. If I’m right Vocoderion first artist which start use them.

6. Saturn 5 – One more, so called traditional song. Which sound muted, cause of dark soul of all album. Can notice, what this tune little boring, of it repetitiveness.

7. Reveal the Secret – not fast and not slow tune. Nice melody, it’s got more ambient soul. Again many nice sound effects. Nice bells sound. Very varied tune, not repetitive itself all time. One of the best tune in album.

8. Goodnight. Goodnight – fast tempo tune. Not very varied in composition. But nice made in classical LD style. But, hey, in sound of this tune I can’t sleep.

9. Interstellar Whispers – intro of this tune sound nice, smooth. Can feel deep space. Some far vocals…about what they? Who cares, just dream. And synth at 1:30 amazing. Not fast, so relaxed. Very good made ambient tune. Best work.

10. Spaceship Driven by a Music Energy – after slow tempo song coming faster tempo. And this is “Spaceship”. Not very varied, but not so bad. Nice melodic, smooth song. Just some parts I heard somewhere before…Strong side? Synth parts. Can listen and listen again.

11. Fighters of Andromeda – Song which got very strong intro part. No usual drums. Just melodic composition. Varied melody. Again that middle point between slow and fast tempo.

12. Deserted Battlefield – last slow, dark soul made ambient song. Good sound feelings. Nice mystery sound. In the ending, can hear nice vocoders parts.

13. The Comeback of Saturn 5 – Well only “happy” song. Sound muted, but feeling not so “darks”. And vocoders, here they most varied of all album. Some of them remind LD “Future generation” some of them from LD ”Strikes back”. Interesting made song. But was need made so muted?

14. Terminal State – ending of album also made in high level. Deep dark feeling, slowness of sound. It like rising up and getting somewhere… sound of water, strange voices… and very strange ending.

I think, this is best album released by Alpha Centauri and Vocoderion itself is very talented artists.


5 / 5