Xain "Born in the Stars"

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Review by Klajunas

Gustaf Grefberg. Many of Spacesynth fans waited for his album. This is one of the most talent Spacesynth artists, his music varieties from traditional LD’dish sound to, not so typical PC game music. Finally we got his first and hope not last album.

This album is more collection of remixes. Which most of Spacesynth fans can hear in famous “Synthesizer Dance” series. For some it can be some lack, for some not. It’s very interesting to hear some song which may sound differently then it previous version.

This can divide to three maybe groups: a) traditional spacesynth; b) game soundtracks; c) some interesting guitar relax ambient song…

Spacesynth: contains most part of album:

Quantum leap – it starts very powerful… u just can feel it energy and power. Good synths and drums compositions. What I liked most its chords sound… I even think it can sound more loudly.

Ghosthouse – this song must sound scary. Sounds effects is strong part of this song. All composition is made on scarring feelings. Even synths played in such feeling. Very interesting, but sometimes it’s annoying. Atmosphere of song raise such feelings. And this song not for everyday listening, it’s more for real claustrophobia’s…

Claustrophobia – the title not feet for this song, I can’t feel claustrophobical atmosphere… more feel free lands. Song as itself not very interesting… a little bit average. With poor synths sounds.

Flight of Xain – again very good composition between synths, drums and chords. Good wonderful song. Strong space feelings. In my minds one of the best in album.

Machineworld II – one more tune which is very close to it atmosphere to Ghosthouse. Strong and annoying synth sound. Why? Because of it strong loud sharpness. Again song not for everyday listening.

Space Diablo (Space Angel and Extended Diabolic versions) - I liked more second “Extended Diabolic” version it sound more varied more interesting of good sounds effects. And synth not sounds so loud sharp as in “Space Angel” version.

DOSK – this song sounds differently from rest album (except of Open Fields). A piano part is strongest and more melodic side of this tune. To me it sound better then version in Synthesizer Dance album. It more complete.

Xain and the Droid Invasion - well not very outstanding song… it got traditional spacesynth sound and composition. What annoying me most, that some parts sounds very close to Ghosthause and Machineworld II.

Spacesynth “game” music soundtracks: well whose songs sound not like traditional spacesynth. It can fit more to, maybe, some PC games, as soundtracks, but they got spacesynth feelings too.

The Hunter – if we compare this song with same song from “Synthesizer Dance 5”, I thing u won’t find much differences…except drums in “SD” it sound much powerful then in this album.

The Resurrection (don’t know where’s mistake in album cover “Ressurection” or in my English, but I know only “Resurrection”) - again we must this song compare with song from “Synthesizer Dance 5”. This song is longer and for me more complete then from SD5, and drums sound not so muted.

Born in the Stars – this is most interesting song of those threesome, because it new. More energetic, not so repetitive like previous two. Good song. It shows how various can be spacesynth music stile if u chooses not so traditional sounding.

Relax ambient:

Open Fields – it’s not spacesynth. I even not call it even ambient. It just very relaxes, smooth song with nice guitar and chords parts. With some sound of Vangelis. Nice.

Well we got one more nice good and talent spacesynth artist’s album. I’m not so satisfied with some parts. Sometimes synths sounds too much annoyed, sometimes drums repeats in some songs with same rhythm. Some songs made very close to each another. But I’m very happy to hear new music. Music from this man which can vary with spacesynth, so different, so not traditional. And this album worth to be in your collection.


4 / 5