What People Have Said About Spacesynth

Sometimes people just say what they think without thinking and that's usually what they really think. This page is not intented to be serious or funny, or is it?


"All I could hear in the samples are average synth lines, apparently played either without much inspiration or without enough technical skills to record them any better.
In short: 80's pop without the vocals. Boring to a higher extent, both from the song content and from the sounds used."


"Some of my friends have told me they thought they were listening to the C-64."


"Are we listening to the same tracks? Man, this is cheese of the worst kind. Not to mention that it sounds horribly dated. And simplistic.

Now I quickly need to play some good dance music to purge my ears of this tripe. Hm. "Way out west, Intensify", yeah that'll do."


"My sister's boyfriend asked "is this some kind of children's music or what?" when he heard a few Koto-tracks."


2005-07-23 16:41:28