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[Retired Droid]

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My Top 3 from this collection:
1. Staffan Öhman
2. Alphawave
3. Max Backes

Neuton Mouse on a fine fourth place, with an interesting twist to spacesynth.

Happy New Year Excited
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Tyrrany in Space by Starforce - holy sh*t! Most amazing off-spacesynth tune I've ever heard! Frenzy-loaded more than Death Star!
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[Retired Droid]

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Discography updated!
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Happy new year !
I'm glad to see that people like my song ! Thanks Adi !
This track will be part of my upcomming album, stay tuned !

I must tell you that my project is "The Starforce" but I know there's a synthwave project called "Starforce" but we have nothing in common. Smile

Cheers from outerspace !

The Starforce : Galaxy Defenders !
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[Retired Droid]

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Thank you for this gift for us, all the artists and Space Sound Records.

Here is my short analyze of the Disk1:

Generally, very 80's. Traditional spacesynth instruments including wavebells, handclaps, lots of orchits.

Here are some notes of some of the tracks:

Alphawave - Timeless Dream is one of the best of his tracks, nice use of koto bass, works also in slower tempo. Good job.
Bellatrix - Knights of Planet has the same kind of bass but the track is faster, nice one. Maybe fatter instruments would have worked better here.
Delgado - Summer of 85 is one of my favs on this disk, although I'd like to hear something variation towards the end.
Dreamtime - Hexadecimal Memories remix is a remix of his new track off his new album. Like the vocoders alot, and more, all is so well balanced as always.
Galactic Warriors - Time Travelers is melodic and I think this is best GW track so far IMO. Nice atmosphere.
Holomatrix - Journey to The Unknown, vocoder-singing and "whoas" with more modern rhythm pattern than others here. Keep on composing new tunes, you have a nice touch. I'd likento hear new tracks from you in the future.
Mind Vision - Technology reminds alot Holomatrix in the beginning, but the track is more laserdanceish.
Mirko Hirsh - Analog Dream is italo, but let me comment this one too. Very usual ID, in the spirit of Modern Talking. Overall, very professional sounding track.
Rygar - From The World to The Sun presents the most modern sound on the disk and personally I like this quite a lot, as I liked the Rygar album. Catchy and and top class arrangement.
Staffan Öhman - Back to Alderaan... Staffan has his own lovely, trademark sound. Of course, no track without the bellss... Melodically top track on the album, for me a bit too much variation in places (who am I to say that...) but, ah, the atmosphere.
Synth Void - Magnetic Waves, and this track is another example that all the tracks on the D1 are melodically nice quality. Some instruments could have been a bit more "fat", but thats my taste.
Synthaurion - Guests from The Farthest End has a nice intro. Playful, nice instruments, positive feeling.
Synthesis - Distant Planet, the intro for some strange reason brings into my mind an old Amiga game "Dune" but the main track itself is very different, light and soft and dancable. Nice, although not mind blowing. Professional sound.
Syrian - Runner in The Night is another italo track and more into my taste, it has this nice catchy chorus with synthbell arps. *snap snap*

Did I miss something? D2 analyze coming later.
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[Retired Droid]

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Thanks for your review. I agree with your thoughts about the album. My favorite song on this album is Timeless Dream by Alphawave which has a nice pan flute melody.
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I agree. Definitely one of the favorite songs of holidays 5 is timeless dream. Other two best songs would be Delgado with summer and Rygar - sun. Does any know does Alphawave has some cd or it will be released soon? It is one of may fav composer of space.
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The Album is very inspiring with great songs and production! For me the best on the Album is Alphawave Magic Cracker!
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Master Droid

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Thanks Pal for appreciation, i prefer quirky twists to monotonous whirlpools.

Well, actually, from my personal taste and opinion, this SH5 compilation is way more better than previous one. Upbeat melodies plus good ole days atmosphere makes this compilation quite pleasant. My opinion may sound too edgy, but hey - democraty heh? Very Happy

Staffan's Alderaan really impressed me - it feels like he just made not one tiny step ahead but several steps of same weight. Variations and some structure changes makes it different to other tracks (and even to his own past tunes). Track possess very relistenable factor.

Anosphere's Flight to Planet 5 is my personal favorite. It's not typical spacesynth track. It's the only track that has deep Space feeling in it from all tunes from that compilation. Progression is dynamic, unique and mystical. The only flaw that it sounds a bit dull, less resonant. Anyway, i really enjoy it.

Dreamtime memories was and is great track from his Innerstellar Jam album and remix is a good remind of its glory. More demoscenic than spacesynth. As i said before, this new improved style of his is godlike.

Puzzy Beat don't know who this is but reminded me that "dirty italo disco" that was mentioned here in forum time ago. Nice "moveaside" but lacks some lead memory or vocoder or singing (well this remark is more "taste opinion" than analysis note).

SuperVox presents his own style in 80s flavor. I like sound palette very much and mixing is quite brilliant. Overall, i can call it "calm dancing tune" : ).

Well, i guess there's no point to mention our genre pioneer's track From World to The Sun. It classical with slight changes. I think the only one who is best in trying to make music like Laserdance/Koto is only laserdance/koto aka MVDK and nobody else. Some other ld like tracks are really good from neutral point of view but not special and has no originality from musical point of view.

However, there is one disappointment. With great enthusiasm i support experiments and new things but experiments may be either total win or complete fail. This album, unfortunately, has one fail called "Tyranny in Space". Intro is great, idea is very vigilant but middle part is sort of disharmonic porridge that causes ear discomfort. It needs some major changes.

In conclusion, this compilation is successful. I heard various opinions from other fans towards this compilation - somone really likes is, someone not. There was one guy who told that "spacesynth is dead, all tracks without exception seemed to be as one huge track". Meh... When something is adored by everybody - this is popular mass merit. When something is heavily criticized - it's either deviant either something that has less effort than anything else. Things that have mixed opinions are the best, do you agree?
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