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Prometheus wrote:
The Spaicialists wrote:
I (Toni from The Spaicialists), am an avid fan of Eurobeat in general. I listen(next to spacesynth) to it on a daily basis. My favourite artists come surprisingly from one label only, namely the late A-Beat-C records label (with a few exceptions like Franz Tornado from Hi-NRG Attack). Persons like Dave Rodgers, Lolita, Nuage and Domino have had quite a heavy influence on my music interests.

Yeah, I know at least one person who started to explore spacesynth music because of Dave Rodgers. I'm personally very fond of the typical Hi-NRG/eurobeat way of arranging stabs:

Also I like in general the 80's italo/new wave sound where synth is blended with rock. Electric guitars is something I'd like to hear more in spacesynth music.
Even more spacesynth with the typical Stock-Aitken-Waterman sound would be welcome IMO.

I must add that I personally find eurobeat to be a pretty odd bird, in the sense that almost all the music is produced in Europe (specifically Italy) and then shipped and sold exclusively in Japan. The entire genre seems virtually unknown to most people outside of Japan, even for people who otherwise listen to Italo-disco or spacesynth.

Recommended reading:
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I recently became aware of the genre through the album Super Ponybeat. It contains remixes of the songs from the first season of the latest My Little Pony tv series – plus one original song with lyrics. (Yes, I'm aware it sounds a bit weird Embarassed, especially if you're not aware of the pony craze that's currently sweeping the internet.) The tracks in general have more than 100 000 views on YouTube so I believe it's safe to say I'm not the only one who's become curious about the genre thanks to this album.

After listening to a few tracks with Japanese lyrics I realized that yes, I've heard this genre before in a few animé movies or tv series. The only one I can come up with at the moment would be Gravitation which has a few tracks that sound a lot like eurobeat to my ears.

I've been lurking this forum since the site launched so I'm obviously a huge spacesynth fan. Before discovering the genre in the early 00's I went through something of a eurodance phase in the 90's. During the past month or so I've been doing some reading up on eurodisco, its derivative and sub-genres to learn more of their origins, history and how they're related to each other.
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Arakun wrote:
It contains remixes of the songs from the first season of the latest My Little Pony tv series

Mercyyy... Smile
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just into eurobeat for year...i have some knowledge about this genre....

-Eurobeat IS NOT GOD-DAMN JPOP .but JPOP got huge influence from Eurobeat...thanks to those italian producer who did very sucessful at promoting this genre to japan market.... activities like parapara dance,singers on live stage sometime..cause quite big phenomena for Japansese music industry.
-It's like eurodance,but sounds from italo ...eurobeat is more like a speed up,stronger version of Italo Disco,feature more punchy kick drum and straight forward bass
-Usually sing about Burning love,desire,racing obsession..bla bla bla

-Super Eurobeat is a series of eurobeat,you may want to check for "Touhou Eurobeat" series (made by japanese,with much clever sound styles than those common italian made,but overdone most time,less and less creative)

-oh yes,eurobeat used to be big on europe but soon fade out,but those italians have did wonderful things to save the genre by exporting and made exclusive to Japan market..

-Not a friendly genre to software production (software actually can do fine) since most notable producers of this genre using tutorial,no hint,no patches,no direction for can find something,but just sample pack for sell!

(but there is no secret anymore, i put time to research and i know how to achieve most eurobeat sounds with just synth1,but still sound really kick-ass,cause you don't need JD-800)

I have some talks with a italian producer before,he is quite selfish.always recommend me buying his god-damn sample pack...without sharing any synthesis discourage!

Pho,Banh mi,Ha Long Bay...
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